Supporter Testimonials

The Gazette Endorses David Narkewicz for Mayor:
"...David Narkewicz stands most ready to lead Northampton."



The Republican Endorses David Narkewicz for Mayor:
"We urge voters to give David Narkewicz the nod." read more...



I believe David will be a Mayor for all Northampton-seniors, families, students, and citizens who may not have a strong voice.
- Irene Lamson, former Director, Northampton Council on Aging



David Narkewicz is the right choice for Mayor and will bring a perspective that properly balances the concerns of the business community with the needs of the citizens.
- Rich Cooper, lifelong Florence resident and owner of State Street Fruit Store and Cooper's Corner



As a Hamp native raising three children in this wonderful city, I have no doubt David Narkewicz is the person to lead us toward a stable and bright future.
- Robbie Saner Sullivan, Northampton



David will be a strong leader for our city and for our schools and it is with great pleasure that I endorse him for Mayor.
- Michael Flynn, At-Large School Committee, Massachusetts Teacher of the Year (2008)



We've been impressed with David since he stopped by to visit during his first campaign for City Council. David has taken an interest in all people in Northampton, from our youngsters to our seniors. We are both very active at the Northampton Senior Center and we appreciate the volunteer work he does there.

This is a time when we need real leaders who know the people of Northampton and truly listen to what they are saying and what their concerns are. David is that type of leader. We've seen it from the minute he became a City Councilor to now as Acting Mayor. We need to keep him there full-time now.
- Pat and Mike Ahearn



I have lived with my family in Northampton for 22 years and know how important this moment is for our community as we go to the polls this fall to elect a new Mayor. I am supporting David Narkewicz because I know he is proud of our city and its amazing history, that he cares deeply for each of us no matter what our age, background, ethnicity, color, economic status, level of education, or sexual orientation, that he will faithfully endeavor everyday to be the best mayor he can be, for us and our children, and will do all he has the power to do to build upon the successes we have already achieved as one of America's premiere cities, that for all of us is home.
- Peter B. Ives, Community member and parent of four Northampton Public School graduates


We were so energized by David Narkewicz when he spoke at our coffee party, and so was everyone who was there. He was so knowledgeable about the many issues confronting the city that he was asked about-always honest, intelligent, and thoughtful about the challenges that were presented, and realistic about the need to look into many kinds of solutions. He also was more than interested in knowing what others thought, and what their suggestions might be. We were greatly impressed by his breadth of knowledge, his understanding of long-term and financial consequences of decisions that need to be made, and his respect for differing opinions.
- Ed McColgan and Marcia Burick


David is intelligent, hardworking, and exceptionally capable. He was an invaluable staff member who led my district efforts to federally fund local projects and promote economic development.
- former Congressman John Olver (D-MA)



I have worked closely for many years with David Narkewicz on the board of the Northampton Education Foundation. He served as co-president of NEF for several years, he helped to raise the initial $1,000,000 to create NEF's Endowment Fund, and he has worked very hard over a long period of time to expand NEF's ability to support Northampton's schools. David is a public school parent himself, and I know that he is as committed to the education of Northampton's children as it is possible for a person to be. Beyond that, serving on the city council has helped him become extremely knowledgeable about the complex workings of our city as a whole. He is conscientious, open-minded, and very thorough in his approach to issues. His low-key manner has a way of bringing down the emotional temperature of contentious discussions and allowing all sides to be heard and considered. I think he will be an excellent mayor, I am delighted to support him!
- Ellen Nigrosh, Ward 3 resident and parent of two graduates of the Northampton public schools

It is with confidence that I endorse David Narkewicz as the best candidate for mayor of Northampton. As a member of the Northampton Recreation Commission and the Bean/Allard Farm Task Force, I have had the opportunity to closely observe David in action. I have found him to be an extremely hard working city councilor who serves Northampton well. He has worked closely with civic leaders and citizens to learn about and resolve issues. He approaches challenging decisions armed with knowledge and objectivity.

I appreciate David's positive leadership style, and his ability to be honest and forthright during any decision making process. As a retired teacher in the Northampton Public Schools, I have been very impressed with Councilor Narkewicz; he listens well, he is responsible and respectful, and he always does his homework. David Narkewicz has the intelligence, the integrity, and the dedication needed to be a great mayor for the City of Northampton.
- Carol Bertrand, Retired public school teacher and member of the Northampton Recreation Commission


David Narkewicz has the gifts, talents and strengths to lead our beloved Northampton in the years ahead. There will be many challenges. David has the wisdom, experience, integrity and leadership skills to forge ahead, build coalitions, and guide with a sensitive touch. I believe he will listen with the ears of his heart and respond to our needs and hopes.
- The Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian Minister, community activist, parent of a son who went through the Northampton public schools


I appreciate David for his thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to the challenging issues our city faces. David is also an approachable and down to earth person who will listen and be respectful.
- Heidi Haas, clinical social worker and improv coach to grades 3-12 in Northampton Public Schools


I support David because he is a person who has shown great leadership in our city's neighborhoods, educational communities, and city government. Further, he is committed to our city's residents-from our youngest residents in need of a sound education to the rest of us who are young or young at heart who love this city and rely on its many services and celebrated treasures. I trust that our city-our neighborhoods, schools, government offices, and, its most treasured asset, we the people-will be in good hands under David's leadership.
- Jaime Caron

In my years of knowing David as a neighbor, fellow parent, activist and colleague on City Council, I am continually reminded of his integrity, his work ethic and his commitment to making Northampton the best it can be. He is a progressive voice for our future. He knows how to listen and how to lead. Electing David as our Mayor is a victory for us all.
- Pamela Schwartz, Ward 4 City Councilor

I support David Narkewicz because his straightforward, direct, and honest approach to problem solving, his listening skills and his open minded perspective allows him to work well with a wide variety of people with different points of view in order to address the needs of this city's citizens and build on what's good about Northampton to make it a better place for all.
- Margaret Miller, child and adolescent psychologist and parent of two Northampton Public School students

I've known David Narkewicz first as a fellow parent at Bridge Street School and then as a community leader. In each of these roles, I've been struck by his intelligence, composure, sense of humor, and dedication to our town. I am confident that these qualities will make him an exceptional and effective mayor.
- Megan Rubiner Zinn, writer and parent of two Northampton Public School students


We support David Narkewicz for Mayor for many reasons. Two that are most important to us are 1) he is a proven leader who we think can most effectively manage the complexity of our city government during these challenging times and 2) he understands the important role that business people play as partners in the effort to sustain Northampton's vibrant economy.
- Sally and Al Griggs


As a former Northampton School Committee member I have long appreciated David's commitment to the public school system. He has been an active supporter, demonstrated by his many years of participation and leadership in the Northampton Education Foundation where we served together on the Board. As Mayor, he would chair the School Committee and I have complete confidence that he will do a superior job guiding our excellent school system in the years to come.
- Lucy Hartry, Northampton School Committee member (1998-2009)


He's smart and works very hard, he's committed to leading the city and collaborating with his constituents, he says what he'll do and does what he says, and he has big heart.
- Wendy Foxmyn


David is thoughtful, considered and deliberate in his positions; he is reasonable and yet of his own mind in approaching complex and significant issues. He is committed to community-building in Northampton.
- Alan Bloomgarden


David is the calm, deliberate, consensus-building leader we need in tough times.
- Richard West


What little I know about David shows he's thought about the issues that concern me and usually we're thinking along the same lines, but perhaps more important in a mayor David seems to be able to frame issues in the least divisive way possible.
- Adam Novitt


He's bright, attentive, and environmentally progressive.
- Peggy MacLeod


David has been a trustworthy rep on the City Council -- for the ward and as president. He seems committed to uniting the city during these financially challenging times.
- Joan O'Brien


David was instrumental in getting the speed humps on Grove St. This has made our neighborhood so much safer. Thank you!
- Mark Moran


Honest, hard working, always prepared for meetings, and a man of good values. How could you not support him!
- Henry Heaphy


David is thoughtful and inclusive. These are tough times that our City and its people face: I want a mayor who is focused on solving the problems we face, not one who rehashes the past. David brings together the lessons of the past to meet the fresh idea.
- Julie Cowan