Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA)

"Mayor David Narkewicz has been working hard for our community. Thanks to his leadership, Northampton continues to be a welcoming city - one that supports immigrants and refugees, preserves our environment and open spaces, and promotes a vibrant downtown with great small businesses to enjoy. I'm proud to continue to support David and I hope you will join me this November."

Peter Kocot

State Representative Peter Kocot (D-Northampton)

"David Narkewicz is an accomplished public servant who has made Northampton a great place to live, work and prosper. He listens to the concerns of his constituents, he builds effective coalitions to improve the quality of life in every neighborhood and he has effectively advocated for more state and federal resources to be directed towards important projects and programs in the city. I strongly support and enthusiastically endorse the re-election of David Narkewicz as Mayor of the City of Northampton."


District Attorney Dave Sullivan

"Mayor David Narkewicz is an outstanding leader and a great partner. He has taken the community lead in fighting the opioid crisis. His police and fire departments set the gold standard for public safety. I fully support Mayor Narkewicz for re-election so he can continue his great work for the people of Northampton."


Hampshire County Sheriff Patrick Cahillane

"David Narkewicz has worked for many years to keep Northampton moving forward. Balancing human rights and the criminal justice system are important in a civilized society. That is part of what David does every day, addressing substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental illness as a mayor in the 21st century. He does this on top of running the day to day operations of a city constantly on the move. David handles the job with professionalism and a quiet demeanor. He is a strong advocate for the safety of the citizens of Northampton. He works with a collaborative spirit with all agencies involved in solving our mutual issues. This is for the betterment of all who live in of Northampton. We need David’s experience to continue to lead our city forward as our mayor."


Former Congressman John Olver (D-MA)

"David Narkewicz is intelligent, hardworking, and exceptionally capable. He was an invaluable staff member who led my district efforts to federally fund local projects and promote economic development. I am proud of David's strong record of effective, progressive leadership as Mayor and urge my Northampton friends to re-elect him!